My name is Mary Christine and I’m a Vegan, Registered Nurse, Health & Wellness Coach, 200hr Cert. Yoga Teacher, YouTuber and Blogger from Australia. Some of my favourite things in life are food (especially chocolate), travel, the ocean, cups of tea, talking, family and friends, messy hair, yoga, sunsets, animals, dancing around and a good book! 

After growing up in Germany, at the age of 6 I moved to a small country town in Victoria, Australia. After high school, I studied a Bachelor of Nursing and worked in all fields in this practice including Paediatrics, Mental Health and now, I'm currently working as a Primary Health Care Nurse alongside some incredible Doctors. This is where I learnt so much about the importance of health and where my passion for it grew.

It may appear that I have been healthy my whole life, but that’s far from the truth. I struggled with my own body image for most of my teenage years and early 20's. Like many girls, I abused my body with alcohol, drugs, stimulants, excess processed food, smoking, I starved myself, had endless late nights, gained over 20 pounds, had toxic relationships and, suffered from chronic illnesses such as PCOS, acne, anxiety and adrenal fatigue. Like many girls, I tortured myself to the point where food was the enemy and my body was a burden. My relationship with my body was turbulent: I was a self-loathing, and self-doubting mess.

During my career, I not only had to look after people with illnesses, but I was also suffering myself. I knew that my life was worth more. I deserved to wake up in the mornings with energy and I deserved to have purpose. So, after years of suffering I finally made the conscious decision to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and embark on a journey of healing, self love and nourishing foods.

Something just clicked. I realised hating and abusing on my body was affecting everything in my life. I decided to commit to understanding and learning what nutrition was all about. When I started to learn how the body actually works, my mentality shifted. As a nurse, I know how majority of processes in the body work but unfortunately, nutrition isn't something that is taught in University.

I started to view food as a source of nourishment and not the enemy. The food I was eating was healing me. When I began my journey, I decided that I wanted to share it with people in hope that they would resonate with me so I could inspire them in any way possible. I wanted to show people that they were not alone. So I decided to start an Instagram account and a YouTube channel so I could share my thoughts, feelings, recipes, ideas, health and lifestyle tips and everything in between to help people create a better life.

I’ve definitely come a long way in regards to my health, body and mind! The reason why I’m so confident I can help you is because I helped myself. 

So, what was I doing wrong?

I didn't know my Ayurvedic Body Type, so I was constantly at war with my own body - Ayurveda is one of my favourite alternative medicines in which I research, study and practice daily. 

I tried to eat in a way that worked for someone else, but not for me.

I was restricting my food and carb intake.

I was always stressed and anxious around food - I was always stressed and anxious FULL STOP!

I had too many late nights - like, gong to bed at midnight daily was normal.

I was in too many toxic relationships and scenes - both romantically and friendly.

I drank too much alcohol, caffeine and smoked cigarettes - not something I'm proud to admit.

I felt guilty after I "indulged" - like it was wrong that I could enjoy a piece of chocolate!

I poured artificial sweetener into everything - if it's not sugar then it's okay? (nope!).

I used chemical filled makeup and household products - if you wouldn't put it in your mouth then why put it on your body?

I exercised excessively - which didn’t do my stressed-out body any good!

I ate low-fat products, processed foods and would have daily tins of tuna with an apple as a meal!

I was a fad dieter who never ate any fat, but couldn’t lose fat either - I believe a lot of people can relate!

I was always on the search for the next "quick fix" - lose weight fast is all that mattered.

I was out of touch with my body – in fact, I hated on it. I didn't listen to it - I became my own worst enemy. 

So, what did I change?

I started eating beautiful, whole plant-based foods.

I supplemented my body with the nutrients it needed.

I detoxed and started a fresh.

I started eating and exercising according to my Ayurvedic Body Type.

I started meditating and practicing yoga, daily.

I learnt to love good fats and find the perfect balance. 

I decided to seek professional help - it'd okay to ask for help!

I started to drink more water!

I ditched majority of processed junk foods.

I enjoyed caffeine and alcohol only occasionally.

I healed my digestion with the right pre and pro-biotics.

I started to study and learn to improve my knowledge of nutrition.

I reduced the stressors in my life and cut out toxic scenes and people.

I went to bed early and made sure I got a minimum of 8 hours sleep.

I boosted my self-esteem and changed my relationship with my body, mind and, with food.

I ditched the chemical filled makeup and household products and switched to natural products.

I exercised less, but smarter and in a way that suited my Body Type.

I tuned into the mind-body connection. I started to really listen.

I gave myself the chance to REST and really enjoy it.

I learnt to love me and honour myself and my body's needs. 

Once I started listening to my body and what it actually needed, it responded in the best way possible. It healed itself, and today it is still healing because each day, I become better and better. I freed myself from the all-consuming obsession with food, and finally found balance in all aspects of health. 

When you feed your body with goodness and love according to your body type and your personal needs, it is so, so good to you in return. It’s the most empowering, amazing feeling in the world. I want you to feel the same way as I do as I know so many people struggle the same way I used to. 

I now have over 100,000 amazing people sharing my journey with me either via YouTube, Instagram, friends and family or those who are my clients. I hope to continue to inspire, guide and educate people on how they can create a life of endless happiness and good health by adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Helping people is my passion in life and after years of struggling myself, I know what it's like to be at rock bottom of your health, life and wellbeing. My passion is to show people that there is a way out and that they can change their life for the better! I want to share what I've learnt so people no longer have to suffer like I did. 

I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with you, so that you can not only feel incredible, but become a role model for those around you. If you invite me into your world, I promise I’ll be honest, compassionate and understanding, and above all, get you to where you want to be and honour your needs. Thank you for reading my story, it means so much to me.