What is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach? Well, they are a Wellness Mentor who work with you one-on-one to achieve your health and life goals, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in a holistic and empowering way! As a Registered Nurse, Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, I am here to offer you the tools, knowledge, and guidance you need to find and be the most vibrant, happiest and healthiest version of yourself so you can lead a more balanced life. 

I’m passionate about clearing the confusion about nutrition, and helping people to rebuild their broken or “not-so-good” relationships with food and their bodies as I myself have suffered from eating disorders and an array of health issues due to poor lifestyle choices. There are hundreds of 'diets' out there and it can sometimes be so overwhelming whether what you're eating or drinking is right or wrong. However, we are all individuals with different genetic makeup yet - ‘One man’s food is another man’s poison’. Working on the principle of bio-individuality, I’ll support you to make positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle and personal preferences.

It's all about looking at an individual 'holistically'. Many people are out of tune with their bodies. They have no idea how to give it the fuel it needs to function optimally or how to listen and take care of themselves. With my studies in Ayurveda I can help you determine your 'Ayurvedic Body Type', and provide you with nutrition and exercise education to suit your specific body type. And, if Ayurveda isn't for you, then that's totally fine - I can also provide you with personalised meal plans specialising in plant based nutrition, dietary guidelines, exercise routines, specific handouts for your needs, and guidance to help you overcome any obstacle you may be facing in your health and life. I will help you identify the underlying causes of your health problems and your relationship with food and yourself to help you achieve your goals.  


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

- Hippocrates 

Together, we will come up with a plan that suits your needs, your life, and your dreams. We will put you on the path to a healthy, balanced, stress-free lifestyle, where things like guilt, deprivation and bingeing do not exist.

I see people who are at different stages of their health journey. But they all have two things in common, 1. they want to improve their diet and health in some way, and 2. they will do anything to get there. That kind of commitment is inspiring. 

While I can guide you in any aspect of your health, I specialise in the following:

  • Determining your Ayurvedic Body Type and Nutrition and Exercise Education to suit your Body Type
  • Transitioning to a Plant-Based Vegan Diet

  • Guidance To Overcoming Eating Disorders

  • Reducing Anxiety and Stress

  • Female Hormonal Imbalances ie. PCOS, Adrenal Fatigue, Acne

  • Digestion Issues 

  • Emotional and Binge Eating

  • Introducing Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation into your lifestyle

  • Self Love and Self Care Practices

  • Mindful Eating

  • Weight loss (which is the result of an overall healthy lifestyle!)

If needed, my consultations can also address:

  • How to prepare and cook healthy food

  • Staying healthy whilst travelling and eating out

  • Maintaining health while going to school, university, or work

  • Reading food labels and how to shop 

I work with my clients to help them find a balance in body, mind and soul so they can become the best versions of themselves. I do this through an extensive health assessment to find out what you seek and honour your individual needs. I see my clients hrough Skype or WhatsApp sessions or face-to-face (for locals). I also offer email and SMS support between sessions and weekly consults. Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.  I am a firm believer in bio-individuality and understand that every 'body' is different from the other. There are hundreds of 'diets' out there and it can sometimes be so overwhelming whether what you're eating or drinking is right or wrong. By working together, we can find what foods work best for you and your body type. I respect the fact that each body is created differently and take into consideration your personal preferences and lifestyle. With doctor's rooms being busy with a time limit and other medical professionals being too expensive, it is rare for anyone to get the chance to sit down for one hour and talk to someone about their health, get the attention and support that they not only deserve, but also need.






For Private Health Coaching Consultations with me either in Person or via Skype/Facetime or WhatsApp, please fill out the form below with the subject 'COACHING' and I will email you as soon as possible with my current coaching plans.

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