Your Guide To A Vibrant Vegan Lifestyle

A 145 page PDF eBook that can be downloaded straight to your iPhone, iPad, desktop, tablet or other smartphone after purchasing! 'THIS VIBRANT LIFE' INCLUDES:

  • 25+ Delicious and Easy Plant-Based Recipes
  • 5 Day Sample Meal Plan
  • 5 Day Sample Exercise Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Health, Cooking, Shopping and Lifestyle Tips
  • How to Transition to a Vibrant Vegan Lifestyle
  • Vibrant Photos and Inspirational Quotes
  • My Thoughts on Carbs, Fats and Protein
  • Vegan Nutrition
  • Travel Tips and More!

$10.00 AUD


What Readers Are Saying About 'This Vibrant Life'

"This Vibrant Life is the ultimate handbook on Veganism. Whether you're interested in Veganism or already Vegan wanting to learn more, this eBook will be your guide. Not only has Mary given you the beneficial reasons of going vegan for your health, but also for the animals and the planet. She has managed to compile a book that has grocery lists, an amazing 5-Day meal/exercise plan, and even provides you with her favorite books and documentaries to watch in order to become more educated. Not only that, she has also shared her favorite recipes with you in order to live a vibrant and successful life. Want to learn more about the important nutrients our body needs and which plants will ensure that? This eBook is for you. This book shows her knowledge and wealth for Veganism, and showcases her love for helping others. She and this eBook is only a blessing in the Vegan community and is something to be admired" - Jane Gold, New York @plantbasedjane

"Hi Mary! To start, I've been watching your YouTube channel for a long time now and you are just so relatable and easy to watch! Watching you and Bo travel and eat vegan in so many different places was awesome and inspiring. So when I heard you say you were writing an eBook I couldn't wait! Your eBook is fantastic. It is easy to read and follow, the pictures are beautiful. The content is concise and very informative. The 5 day meal plan was delicious and very satisfying, I was never hungry. All of your recipes are very good, very easy to follow. The last section of the book where you define veganism and what it entails was super informative. You can tell that you know your stuff. I am very happy with your book and I'm having a lot of fun following your recipes and sharing them on Instagram! I hope I'm doing them justice! Thank you again for your YouTube channel, you have really helped me in my vegan journey. Out of all the vegan youtubers I follow you're the most real and relatable. Keep doing what you're doing!" - Caterina B, Colombia @madremuerte

"Hey Mary, I've read your ebook and I love it. I'm already vegan but I think it is so good for people interested or thinking about veganism, especially the part where you get us to picture a chicken or pig. I like the part where you list ingredients that aren't vegan, so informative! I wasn't even aware that some of those ingredients weren't vegan. Anyway, I love love love the book xxx" - Shan, New Zealand @mangoesandchiaseeds