Hey beauties,

If you've been following me for a while then you would know that I am an absolute CHOCOHOLIC (also a peanut-o-holic; is that a thing??)! So, I created a smoothie to suit my obsession. I love this smoothie just after a sweaty yoga or pilates sesh as it is packed with protein and all the goodies from cacao - including magnesium to help with those sore muscles!


  • 2x Frozen Bananas (or 3 if you're feeling hungry)

  • 1/4 cup of raw cacao (I like mine chocolatey - otherwise just use 1 tbsp.)

  • 1 tbsp. of Peanut butter (I use Mayver's Smooth)

  • 1 scoop of chocolate vegan protein of choice (can omit)

  • 1 1/2 cups of Plant milk of choice (I use Bonsoy)

  • some ice


  • Place all ingredients into a blender and mix

  • Add more water or soy milk to get your desired consistency


I hope you enjoy! Comment below and let me know what you think!


Love and light,

Mary xx


The wrapping is gorgeous! I love the colours and designs they use!

The wrapping is gorgeous! I love the colours and designs they use!

Hi lovelies,

I never thought I would see the day that I would write a blog post about toilet paper! But here I am, writing about it. I know, you must think that I'm super weird right now that I'm actually writing about toilet paper, but let me explain first haha. Okay, so we all know that toilet paper is an essential household item and I'm going to assume that most of us can't live without it! It's something that we can use up to 10x a day (to all you well hydrated ladies - good work).


The Problem:  

Finding 100% recycled, vegan friendly toilet paper that doesn’t come wrapped in plastic or damages the environment!

Ever since I became vegan I've made a conscious effort to become more environmentally aware and consider the types of household items I use - whether it's from the dishwashing detergent to bamboo bed sheets. I knew I was making a difference swapping these household items for a more environmentally friendly alternative, but what I realised was that I hadn't swapped the one thing that I was using the most, and that was toilet paper!

I'm a firm believer in voting with our dollar. What you spend your money on supports whatever you are purchasing. So, I like to vote with my money and support companies that better the world in one way or another. And when I find a company that I'm passionate about, I really enjoy sharing it with you all. Remember, be the change you wish to see in the world! 

A few months ago, I came across Who Gives A Crap whilst I was on the toilet in one my favourite cafes (sorry TMI haha). Their fun and colourful toilet paper rolls caught my eye (as well as the name) and just wanted to know more about this funky company! After some serious googling I discovered their story and what this company is all about. So what is 'Who Gives a Crap' and how are they changing the world? Well, let me give you a little bit of background information on this cool company and what it does. 

The beautiful patterns and colours really spruce up our bathroom! It makes going to the toilet that little bit more exciting!

The beautiful patterns and colours really spruce up our bathroom! It makes going to the toilet that little bit more exciting!

What I learnt that 2.3 billion people across the world don't have access to a toilet. That's roughly 40% of the global population and means that diarrhoea related diseases fill over half of sub-Saharan African hospital beds and kill 900 children under 5 every day! Isn't that devastating? This immediately inspired me to support this company. Who Gives a Crap makes their toilet paper out of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials including 100% post-consumer waste paper such as text books, work books and office paper! They also donate 50% of their profits to WaterAid and Sanergy to help build toilets for those in need -  And the great news is, they have donated over $1 million dollars so far!


The Solution: Switch to Who Gives a Crap toilet paper!  

The packaging is paper based and are beautifully designed so they can spice up your bathroom. You can even reuse the wrappers in your garden - click here to check out how! They also don’t use any inks, dyes or scents in their toilet paper which is good for your bum! I decided to order the 48 rolls of toilet paper and it was delivered straight to our house (Rocko was just as excited as I was as he loved playing with the box and using the paper wrappers as a toy). I loved that it came straight to the door, the worst thing about going grocery shopping is carrying that big plastic packet of toilet paper rolls around or it taking up 99% of the space up in your trolley!


So, how are the rolls? I love them, they're super soft! Some other recycled toilet paper I've used usually breaks apart when you use it but WGAC rolls are strong! It also lasts forever! We ordered the 48 rolls for the two of us (Bowen and I) and we've gone through 18 rolls since the last week of June. Each roll is double length, that’s 400 sheets per roll - it lasts ages and you only need to use a little bit. We've noticed that we definitely don’t need to buy as much as we used to.

Annnddddd, last but not least, they have a subscription option! So you won't have any of those “I’m all out…” moments. Once you know how often you go through the loo paper, you can set a regular order to however many rolls you like - there are a few options to choose from that will suit you individually, in a couple or family of 10 :) 

Rocko loves the boxes! We put holes in the sides so he can hide in there! After he's done, we recycle the box :)

Rocko loves the boxes! We put holes in the sides so he can hide in there! After he's done, we recycle the box :)

Anyways lovelies, I hope you enjoyed reading this little blog post about 'Who Gives A Crap' toilet paper. I really wanted to share this incredible company with you. Everyday I know that we are all trying to do our best in this world and what better way to start than with making the switch to Who Gives s Crap toilet paper! Just a simple necessary household item that not only keeps you clean, but is environmentally friendly, cruelty free and helps those in need all around the globe. Let me know what toilet paper you are using and if you already know if/use Who Gives a Crap? Also, would love to hear other alternatives or changes you have made in your home to become more environmentally conscious.


Love and light,

Mary xx


proudly sponsored by Who Gives a Crap. All opinions are my own :)