Okay, not so much sex - but what I’m about to talk about goes hand in hand with this! So, let's talk contraception and fertility... For years I was putting harmful and unnatural synthetic hormones into my body and manipulating it into doing something that was against what we as women are naturally suppose to do! Such widespread use of "the pill" worries me because many women are not aware of the serious health implications of this drug and I believe it is prescribed often just to mask symptoms (like cramping, spotting, irregular periods and acne) instead of curing the actual underlining cause of the symptoms.

Many women don't consider the dangerous side effects of these synthetic hormones, but trust me - you owe it to your body and your health to do your research like I did! After being diagnosed with PCOS and other health problems, I knew the pill wasn't the answer ( even though every doctor told me it was). Three years ago, I stopped taking the pill, allowed my body to do what it is suppose to do (even though it was hard at the start) and now I use the most amazing form of contraception - FAM (Fertility Awareness Method).

Thanks to the LADY COMP Fertility Monitor, I am now able to track my period and fertility in the most natural way possible. It's amazing how well you get to know your body and what we as females can experience when given the chance. We as women are cyclical beings and I think by masking our femininity with synthetic hormones will only cause damage in the present and in the future.

All I do is upon waking, I take my temperature using the mouth gauge attached to the Lady-Comp, wait until it reads my temperature and it will tell me whether I am fertile, infertile or if it's learning my cycle. If I have my period, I simply enter it. Below I've listed some reasons why I love the LADY-COMP Fertility Monitor and I think you will love it too, also I explain a little bit more about it! 


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Our bodies are so in tune with our environment and our emotional health. With Lady-Comp by charting each day we become aware of our temperature fluctuations which can reveal important information on how our bodies are tracking, help us become aware of these external factors, moderate them and put systems in place to correct them. We can note these changes - we might miss ovulation (monophasic cycle) or have delayed ovulation, have small temperature steps where our body is not producing enough progesterone (Corpus Luteum Insufficiency). It can also notify us when we start to enter peri-menopause later down the track. Amazing, right?


Touching base on what I said before... Most synthetic hormonal contraceptives use a high dose (one size fits all) of artificial hormones to suppress your natural ovulation. It is not a product which ‘regulates’ your cycle, rather it shuts down your body’s ability to make our natural hormones - estrogen and progesterone. On "the pill", your period is not your true period when you are on the pill rather it is a hormone withdrawal bleed. Our periods are most often a healthy sign that we have ovulated and produced progesterone via the corpus luteum. Our periods are a way of ‘checking in’ with our bodies to see that everything is on track and operating how it should be. Like I say to people and my clients -

"A woman's menstrual cycle is a clear indication of her health and wellbeing".

Many women who go off the pill after many years of use, who originally went on it for menstrual irregularities, often find when they do stop the pill that these symptoms come back 3 fold. Like I said, it only masks their previous fertility concerns. These exacerbations do not last forever, usually the first 3 months symptoms may worsen however, you will find your body will get back into its normal rhythms within a few months. Our bodies are always wanting to achieve homeostasis and health. Working with a natural therapies practitioner is ideal here to help support and normalise your fertility patterns.


You have the ability to send your fertility information electronically to Lady-Comp or you can take it into your doctor or natural therapies practitioner. It can help you naturally and accurately track your cycle so you know your body is ovulating and making the lovely hormones that it should be. If you are coming off the pill, it is important to wait till you have experienced any hormonal withdrawal bleeding before you start measuring and to not enter this bleed as menstruation into your device as it is not a true period.

It's as easy as 60 seconds/day!

Take your temperature under your tongue each morning, enter menstruation on days that you have it, Lady Comp evaluates your data and calculates your fertility statues for the next 24 hours!

3 fertility indications:

Red= fertile (abstain from sex/use protection i.e.. condom if you do not want to get pregnant)

Yellow= Learning (abstain from sex/use protection i.e condom if you do not want to get pregnant)

Green= infertile (you may have sex without protection)

Women are only fertile about 6 days/cycle. Sperm will last for up to 5 days plus the life of the egg so why use contraception for every day of our cycle? This information collected by Lady-Comp helps women recognise their fertile periods so they can use this information to avoid pregnancy or enhance chances of conception.


Women who have busy lifestyles can enjoy Lady-Comp / Women who travel, enjoy sleeping in, work shift work can all use Lady-Comp. Women who have to get up several times a night (e.g. mothers of babies or toddlers) can almost always take their temperature, either at their scheduled waking time or directly at night before taking care of the child (since reading takes only 30-60 seconds, this should not be a problem). If you are a shift worker or want to sleep in, you can change the measuring period at any time within a cycle by simply setting the alarm clock accordingly. That way you can take your temperature at 7 a.m. on one day and at 2 p.m. on the next, provided you had your sleep before that. This means that Lady-Comp can be customized to meet your requirements on a daily basis.

New Mums - from 6 weeks post-partum can begin using Lady-Comp to track their cycle. Yellow/red fertility indications will be received until first ovulation post-partum as the first returned ovulation cannot be predicted. It has a 6 hour window in which you can take your temperature, plus/minus three hours of the alarm time. If your baby wakes you during this window, take your temperature quickly before getting out of bed. If your baby wakes you before the time window, go ahead and take care of baby and then go back to sleep; when you wake up the next time, within the time window, you can go ahead and take your temperature as long as you’ve had at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep.

Women who have irregular cycles can enjoy Lady-Comp as it detects ovulation based on your basal body temperature step. If your ovulation day changes from month to month, as it does for most women, It is designed to protect you despite this variance. Lady-Comp users with significantly irregular cycles may have more red days, so generally it is not recommended for women who have cycles over 55 days long.   


Seriously, I never knew I had so much libido ever since I got off the pill (this goes for any other hormonal contraception). There are also no side effects , I'm in control of my body again, and my partner is involved and we share the ownership/partnership in fertility awareness! It's really special for us in a way. I think it will get even better when we try for a baby in the future!


Lady-Comp is a fertility computer which helps a woman determine her fertile and non-fertile phases in her cycle through basal body temperature with 99.3% accuracy (that's better than any hormonal contraceptive). It gets to know your unique cycle. By navigating through the on-screen menu, you can view your temperature curve, cycle statistics, and calendar view. It has an integrated alarm that is used to set or change the time window in which to record your temperature and runs on 2 AAA batteries, either standard or rechargeable. 

Lady-Comp can also be upgraded with a planning software for those women who are specifically trying to conceive. The planning software offers the ability to track sexual intercourse data, gender prediction, and expected birth date calculation as well as early pregnancy confirmation (how cool is that??). It also allows you to connect to your computer via an included USB cable and create a pdf of your fertility report using the portal on our website to see your data in a larger scale. It will predict future fertility statuses as well as menstruations, also allow you to enter personal notes. Your fertility data cannot get lost even if the batteries lose their charge.

Why Lady-Comp?

  • Past and future fertility statuses

  • Menstruation forecasts for the next month

  • Cycle lengths and lengths of luteal phases

  • Temperature curve and temperature rise after ovulation

  • Ovulation fluctuations in days

  • Easy as 60 seconds

  • No nasty, synthetic hormones damaging your body

  • View your cycle details on your Lady-Comp or computer by uploading your data using the provided USB

I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about contraception and the benefits of using Lady-Comp. If you have any questions about this and my experience (if there's anything I forgot to mention) then please don't hesitate to ask. This has truly changed my life, health, and fertility! I know it can help you, too! And you will love it! 

Love and light,

Mary x

Not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

My Vegan Story

"Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose. " - Donald Watson, 1944

What is 'Veganism'?

Veganism is not defined as a diet, but a way of living. While vegans also have a diet free of animal products, they also do not wear or use animals for fashion, entertainment or any other purpose. 

So why did I decide to become Vegan?

Around the age of 18, in my final year of high school, I began to develop anxiety and depression which led to an eating disorder. After a year, I overcame the starvation but continued with the constant dieting, calorie restricting, calorie counting, excessive exercising and alcoholism. In 2012, I developed bulimia, I began binging and purging my food, even more so when I was stressed. The anxiety I had around food was debilitating. For 2 years I battled with this, and the hardest thing was that I couldn't even tell anyone because I was so embarrassed. It was April, 2014 and I was possibly having one of the worst nights of my life. The anxiety had complete control over me, sitting at the bottom of the shower, crying. Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was this negative energy telling me that I was 'fat' and 'didn't deserve to live'. I thought that this was going to be my life, that I could never look at food in a healthy way. That I had to forever measure, count and restrict or binge, purge or fast to maintain a 'skinny' body. But, how could I? I didn't not want to live a life like that anymore. So I prayed, I prayed for answers to help me because all the doctors, psychologists, my parents and friends couldn't. That night of April 19th, 2014... I had a dream about a blonde girl lying on a bed of fruit. I took it as a sign. I'm weird like that, I'll ask my dreams a questions in hope that they would answer it, and they did. So the next day, I researched 'fruit' diets on google thinking it was going to be an 'awesome' diet, the quick fix we are always searching for. The first thing that came up was Freelee the Banana Girl. She was a vegan who was fit, lean, healthy and passionate about spreading the vegan message for not only health but for the animals. Wow! A diet and lifestyle that not only keeps you slim but also save animals? It was perfect for me. I always, always have loved animals. But yes, I have to admit - I had been a hypocrite my whole life. I loved animals, yet... I ate animals?? Simply because I had been suppressed by society into thinking that it was okay to eat meat and because I was uneducated, I had no idea how meat made it to my plate. So I watched the documentary Earthlings as Freelee suggested. The connection between myself and animals became evident... I loved them, so from then on - I stopped eating them. I also knew that this was the opportunity for me to help save myself out of my ordeal. Now, over a year later, I'm the healthiest, happiest and fittest I've ever been in my life - and I owe it all to this lifestyle.

To see my full 'Vegan Story' please see my YouTube video here. 

After being on this lifestyle for only a few days, I already started to see changes in my mind, body and soul. It's like I became conscious. My veins were no longer flowing with the fear, pain and suffering of another living creature which then enabled me to see beyond myself and the life society created for me - the way it made me feel, think and believe. I want to become a part of a revolution that's bigger than myself. I want to live in a world where animals are liberated and we live aside them in harmony, a world where people aren't becoming fat, sick and nearly dead from the animal products they are consuming, a world that will still be as beautiful as it is today for my children and my children's children where it hasn't been destroyed by this gluttonous species we call, humans. I used to think vegans were crazy, now I know they're just passionate for change that most people can't even comprehend. The change is already happening. The question is, can you make a difference? You already do, it's just a matter of what kind.