The L Resort | Krabi, Thailand

After being in Chiang Mai for a while with no escape to running water, Bowen and I needed a beach getaway! So, we pack our bags and booked a spontaneous trip to the south of Thailand to the infamous Ao Nang Beach, Krabi. We had the best start to our little getaway, since we got to spend the first two nights in the incredible 'The L Resort'. It was located right in the most amazing location and was directly across the road from the beach. Our stay there was truly unique and we absolutely enjoyed every moment. If you've been to this popular tourist destination before, then you would know that there are endless amounts of resorts, however, if you are looking for a modern, unique, affordable and well located resort, then The L Resort is for you! 

On arrival we were welcomed by the friendly staff and the Manager, Michel. Our room wasn’t ready but we got to wait in the beautiful, open air lobby with soft day beds and couches. We were also welcomed with a delicious welcome drink of Rosella tea, which is one of my favourites in Thailand! We already knew that our stay was going to be a spectacular one. 


We stayed in the ‘Lite Room’ which was a very spacious, modern style room with a king sized bed, a big flatscreen TV, WIFI, air con, a desk (perfect if you need to get some work done), a mini bar, iPod docking station, deluxe bathroom amenities, a balcony that overlooked the garden and pool area and let’s not forget one of my favourite touches - a coffee machine! My favourite touch to the resort was that the theme colour was purple, such as purple pillows and towels. It gave it that homely and welcoming touch to make you feel at home. 


After we checked in and had a little nap,  we went straight to the pool to cool down and soak up some sunshine. There are two pools in the resort, one that is shared with people who have the rooms with pool access (this one has a waterfall!), and the other one is much larger with a Jacuzzi, extra little wading pools and a bridge (no, you can’t jump off the bridge, but it’s a nice touch!). There are sunbeams there where you can relax, and theres also a pool bar where you can enjoy a fresh drink or some light snacks.


If you know me then you would know that breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day especially if it is a buffet breakfast! Since I’ve been travelling as a vegan now for over a year, I’ve come to the conclusion that buffet breakfasts are a vegan’s best friend, especially if the buffet provides many vegan options, which is exactly what The L Resort did! There was a coffee machine, a cereal bar (which were all vegan), fresh juice, fresh fruit and salads, and extensive variety of freshly baked breads and endless spreads of jams and peanut butter! 


So, this was probably one of my favourite things about the hotel! Each room is provided with a personal iPad which provides guests with all services right at their fingertips, from room service, wake up calls and things to do and where to eat in Krabi! It was like having your own personal guide! 


Ao Nang Beach is literally a stone's throw from the L Resort. All you need to do is walk out the front, cross the road, walk down the stairs and you’ve reached the soft sand! It makes beach days a lot easier knowing that you don’t have to venture far from your hotel. 


I think what truly made our stay at The L Resort memorable was the amazing and friendly staff. The service was just absolutely incredible and made us feel very welcome. If you are looking for a romantic getaway with a lover, or a holiday with your friends or even with your family and kids, then The L Resort has you covered in all area and can cater your needs. To make a booking head to their webpage here and be sure to check them out on their Facebook page, too. Thank you so much for having us, it was an honour to stay at your resort. We look forward to staying again on our return.


Love and Light,

Mary Christine x

7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of my favourite cities in Thailand, and even the world! The people are friendly, there is a vast scenery of lush mountains and forests, it's not too overcrowded, the internet is incredible and not to mention, that the food is out of this world - specially if you are a vegan or vegetarian.

I've been a vegan for over two years now and I've never been to a city that offers so many delicious options when it comes to satisfying those tastebuds! I first came to Chiang Mai in 2015 and lived here for 3 months. I decided to go on a mission to try (nearly) all the vegetarian/vegan restaurants that this city had to offer! I then returned to Chiang Mai earlier this year and I think I've finally conquered the must-eat-at restaurants! So without further or do, here they are (in no particular order):



The infamous Taste from Heaven is one of the best Vegetarian Restaurants in CM. They offer Thai and Western Cuisine which is vegetarian, however almost everything can be made vegan. The menu options are huge ranging from starters, salads, curries, soups, desserts, smoothies, cakes and alcohol. All of this at affordable prices and great customer service. They can be very busy at times, but they have recently renovated the top floor of the building so there is now more seating place! It's still a good idea to avoid peak hours such as 7pm-8pm as it can get a little cramped. The atmosphere is cosy, and the one touch I love about this place is that it has quotes all over the wall from world famous Vegetarians! They also offer cooking classes!

My recommended dishes:

  • Vegan BLT Sandwich

  • Fried Spring Rolls

  • Sweet and Sour Stir Fried Vegetables

  • Vegan Brownie with Coconut Ice-cream



One of my all time go-to places! Not only is the food delicious, healthy and affordable but the people that work there are the most friendly and caring people. Even though this place is a small stall, they have a great selection of food which is all cooked in olive oil, contains no MSG and doesn't feel heavy! They have about eight or so main dishes to choose from (which is usually freshly cooked before the store is open and kept in Bain-Marie during the day) as well as plenty of snacks and extras such as spring rolls. All of the main dishes are vegan, however they do sell eggs separately but they can be easily avoided. The only downside to this place is that it is in a food court so sometimes it can be difficult finding a spot depending on what time of the day you get there!

My recommended dishes:

  • Jackfruit Curry

  • Fried Mushrooms

  • Tomato and Tofu Mix

  • Mushroom Sausage

  • Steamed Spring Rolls


3. AUM

Aum is one of Chiang Mai’s oldest and well established vegetarian restaurants. It is located pretty much in the centre of Chiang Mai, right across from Tha Pae Gate. The staff are friendly and the food is mostly organic and aways fresh, especially the salads. They also offer superfood juices, tempeh and quinoa salads! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with a seating area upstairs where you have to remove your shoes before hand and you get to sit of comfy pillows. The only downside is that mosquitoes can be an issue as the whole upstairs area doesn't have windows and is open to the street. There is a large menu with mostly Thai cuisine, but there are also Western options! They also offer other vegan sushi which was surprisingly fantastic! Aum is probably one of the more expensive restaurants but it is definitely worth the extra few dollars!

My recommended dishes:

  • Veggie Burger (made vegan ie. no cheese)

  • Pumpkin Maki

  • Steamed Dumplings

  • Glass Noodle Vegetable Soup

  • Avocado Salad



Blue Diamond (sometimes also known as 'Breakfast Club') is known as a vegetarian restaurant even though they do actually serve meat. However, the majority of the menu is vegetarian and can be made vegan. They have Thai, Western, Vietnamese and Italian Cuisine but the reason I come here isn't for the main meals, but for the huge variety of vegan cakes, slices, breads and ice creams! It is dessert heaven! Usually after going out for dinner elsewhere, we end the night at Blue Diamond to satisfy that sweet tooth! When we do eat there for a main meal, there have been some issues and this is usually due to the language barrier. Be sure you can communicate to the waiter that you are 'Jae' (which means 'vegan' in Thai). They also close early, around 8:30pm which I find is a bit annoying, especially if you want to enjoy a long night out with friends eating tonnes of vegan goodies. The restaurant is clean, modern and most of it is outside! They do offer a natural insect repellent which I strongly advise if you are a mosquito target! They also offer so many health products such as essential oils, soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. 

My recommended dishes:

  • Pad Thai (made vegan ie. no egg/fish sauce)

  • Vegan Chocolate Cake with Coconut Ice-cream

  • Caramel Slice

  • Cinnamon Roll



Imm Aim Bike Cafe is a great and affordable place to relax over a great meal with friends. It has such a chilled vibe with Bob Marley and Jack Johnson playing in the background amongst a cute garden and rustic furniture. The owner is amazing, he's also a photographer and displays his artwork in a room there, definitely a must see. Just a note, that this cafe will be moving locations soon so be sure to keep updated by checking them out on Facebook. Now, let's get to the food! I found it to be really tasty and can be easily catered to your needs! They have a wide range including Mexican food, Pastas, Thai and Western Cuisine and a huge array of salads and dressings - not to mention that their shakes are incredible. The food here is mostly organic and prepared fresh! Only downside again, is the mosquitos! 

My recommended dishes:

  • Pad Thai (made vegan ie. no egg)

  • Fresh Spring Rolls

  • Massaman Curry

  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Coconut Milk Smoothie


May Kaidee is famous in Thailand for her vegetarian restaurants and cooking schools in the country. This little restaurant is tucked away in a side street just off the East side of the Moat! The food, which is mostly Thai Cuisine, is incredible and bursting with flavours. They also offer buffet dinners which are usually held on Sundays and are great value for money! The restaurant is quite small and can get really over crowded, so it's best to avoid peak times or book a table in advanced. 

My recommended dishes:

  • Cashew Nut Sushi

  • Pumpkin Hummus

  • Spring Rolls with Satay Sauce



Ice Love You is a fabulous little find just off Suthep Road (not far from Nimman). It is a small cafe that sells ONLY ice cream, and all of it is VEGAN (there is only one that is not vegan which is the cheese flavour I think, but just check). Can you believe it? It's a dream come true. There is an abundance of different flavours that you can try. You can choose from trying 5 flavours to 9 flavours for a great price (it's perfect for sharing with friends if you don't mind the double dipping of spoons!). This place is perfect for an afternoon delight on a hot day! This ice cream also doesn't leave you feeling sick and groggy like dir ice cream does! Yay for vegan ice cream!!

My recommended dishes:

  • Taro Ice-cream

  • Chocolate Ice-cream

  • Rainbow Ice-cream

If you would like to find more restaurants in Chiang Mai, then be sure to check out 'Happy Cow'. 

Happy Feasting!

Love and light,

Mary Christine x