Sacred Morning Routine

In the past, I've always struggled to wake up when the alarm went off - I would press snooze 5 times before actually dragging myself out of bed and then the rest of my morning would be spent procrastinating and being unproductive leaving the rest of my day to follow in it's footsteps.

Creating a sacred morning routine has always been a goal of mine, I've always tried but would never stay consistent long enough to see results. Since returning from India and completing my Yoga Teacher Training I have a new found love for mornings and how sacred they can be! 

By waking up and following your very own morning ritual or routine can change everything in your day to come from your mindset, your physical and mental wellbeing as well as your productivity. It doesn't have to be intense or complicated, it can just be you and what you want it to be. 

I wanted to incorporate into my morning routine what I had learned during my YTT as well as Ayurvedic self care practices (Morning Dinacharya) as this is one of my favourite natural therapies to follow! I also didn't want it to take hours where I would have to wake up at 4am to get it all done, I think as long as your heart is in it and each day you aim to achieve your new habits the best way possible then you will reap major benefits.

Below I've set out what my ideal morning routine looks like as I wrote this down during the full moon last night. I find during this time is when I can set my sankalpas (intentions) and let go of what is no longer serving me and really see a shift in my energy - this is when magic happens!

Sure, I may not do this routine 100% everyday, but that's okay, like I said - as long as your heart is in it then all is well. Some days we may feel different than the day before and life just happens! But I believe that having a little foundation of what you want your morning to be like can make all the difference in guiding you!

So, here we go!

Wake Up at 5:15am

Take 3 Deep Breaths - Before I jump out of bed I like to take 3 deep long breaths into my belly and nourish my sleepy organs with some oxygen!

Check my BBT (basal body temperature) with my fertility monitor Lady-comp (it only takes 60 seconds)

Make the Bed - It may seem like such a small thing but this is me accomplishing my first task of the day. It gives me a small sense of pride encourages me to keep completing tasks throughout the day. 

Oil Pull with Organic Coconut Oil - I've been oil pulling for about 2 years now and it's the best thing I've ever done. It's great for oral hygiene, removing toxins in your mouth and keeps your skin glowing! This is an ancient Ayurveda dental technique. I keep the oil in my mouth for about 15 minutes.

Make a Cup of Herbal Tea - whilst I oil pull I go make myself a cup of tea - usually lemon, peppermint or ginger as I find these really invigorating yet soothing first thing in the morning, sometimes I even make a turmeric tea. I sip on my tea throughout the morning.

Once I've finished oil pulling I spit it out and clean my tongue with a Copper Tongue Scraper. This is also an Ayurvedic dental technique. Majority of the bacteria in our mouth is on our tongues so this helps reduce undesirable bacteria in the mouth, improves taste sensation and reduces tongue coating and stimulates digestion. And then I brush my teeth as normal with Charcoal Toothpaste (I only use this paste in the mornings).

Now it's about 5:40am...

Pranayama - This means 'breathing' in sanskrit. Whilst in India, I learnt how to breathe... yes, sounds silly because I've been breathing my whole life... but seriously, I learnt how to breathe properly - to breathe deep into my belly and activate the diaphragm which then pumps prana (life force) and oxygen into the brain, allowing for greater stillness and a deeper experience of calm! I do this for about 10 minutes. I practice Kapalbhati (skull shining breathing) and Nadi Shodhan (alternate nostril breathing). 

Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga Flow - I step on my mat and I just flow... I practice what is in my heart or some days I may focus on a certain body part or theme ie. hamstrings or heart openers. I'm going to try and keep up my Ashtanga practice and do the primary series at least once a week. I flow for about 30 minutes.

Meditation - I then sit and be still in silence for 10 minutes (sometimes longer but this is still a working progress for me). 

It's now about 6:30am...

I then go and have a Cold Shower for at least one to two minutes before I make it warm. This is a super hard one and it sucks BUT I had a cold shower everyday in India and noticed amazing changes within my mind and body from increased alertness, faster muscle recovery, improvement in my hair and skin and, weightloss. I highly recommend you do some research on cold water therapy, it's insane (you don't have to swim in a cold lake though haha).

1 Litre Warm Lemon & Apple Cidar Vinegar - My favourite drink!! Warm filtered water with the juice of 1 lemon and 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar with "the mother". This gives me an energy boost, helps detox the body, cleanse the liver and kidneys and strengthens the immune system. 

Whilst drinking this I get ready for work whilst playing music. I get dressed, do my hair and makeup, maybe even tidy up the house, feed Rocko of course etc.. Just little things here and there.

Gratitude Journal - I write down 3 things I'm grateful for and my goals for the day, simple yet satisfying acknowleding how blessed we are to be alive!

I then make a vegan bulletproof coffee and take my supplements (I'll write a separate blog post on this) and then head off to work around 8am. (if I don't make a bulletproof coffee I will have a coffee at work). 

I then eat breakfast at work around 9:30-10am as this is usually when my hunger sets in. Sometimes I won't eat until 12noon so I intermittent fast simply because I'm not hungry, Each day is different. What I've learnt over the years is to really listen to my body. I eat when I'm hungry and I stop when I'm full and this is truly a great thing. I don't have any rules when it comes to set eating times, like I said... I listen! 

So, that's my morning routine! I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Do you have a morning routine or little rituals you like to perform? Feel free to comment and share below or email me, would love to hear them!

Love and light,

Mary xx