A Letter To My Body

We've been together so long,
Since the day of my birth.
My soul and you as one,
As I came to this earth .

Growing together daily,
As a baby then a child.
You always kept up with me,
Even though I was so wild.

All those bumps and bruises,
Grazed knees and hands.
To jumping on the trampoline,
And playing in the sand.

To the times we were sick,
With chicken pox and all.
I loved your brown skin, 
And the fact we weren't tall.

We grew up healthily,
And happy as can be.
Until that one day at 18,
I was no longer happy.

I took it out on you,
And I didn't treat you right.
I starved you and hated you,
we were in a constant fight.

The binging and purging,
To the drugs and alcohol.
And the disrespect I had for you,
I made you feel so small.

Who was I to think,
That I could treat you like that.
You're the only one in my life,
That never turned their back.

You kept me alive,
Even the times I didn't want to live.
You kept my heart beating,
And gave me all you could give.

I can't believe it though, 
That we are here today. 
And healthier than ever, 
I don't even know what to say. 

I want to say thank you,
And I love you with all my heart.
And I hope you can forgive me,
So we're never again apart.

I will nourish you now,
Keep you healthy and clean. 
I will be grateful everyday,
Because you are my dream.

My dream of health and happiness, 
In every step of life.
Together as one,
We will never lose a fight.

My body, I am sorry,
You are everything to me.
From now on lets just live,
Forever in harmony.

Love and Light, Mary Christine xx