Hello Beauties! Welcome to my blog! I'm a Plant-Based Vegan, Registered Nurse, Health & Wellness Coach, Soon-to-be Yoga Teacher, Blogger and YouTuber from Australia. Some of my favourite things in life are food, the ocean, cups of tea, talking, family and friends, messy hair, traveling, yoga, sunsets, animals and a good book! 

I have over 100,000 people sharing my journey with me either via YouTube, Instagram, those who read my blog or are clients! I hope to inspire, guide and teach people on how they can create a life of endless happiness, wellness and good health. This can either be through my social media accounts for daily inspiration and tips or through my Coaching. Using these platforms, I can show people how to love themselves again, change their mindsets, heal their bodies of disease, lose the weight that's been holding them back and of course, completely transforming their body, mind and spirit so they can be the best possible versions of themselves. 

Helping people is my passion in life and after years of struggling myself, I know what it's like to be at rock bottom of your health, life and wellbeing. My passion is to show people that there is a way out and that they can change their life for the better! I want to share what I've learnt so people no longer have to suffer like I did. 

Thank you for being here today! I look forward to connecting

Love and light,

Mary Christine xx